Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – May 25 2019 – Afterwords

Daily solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – May 25 2019 – Afterwords. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – May 25 2019 – Afterwords divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
‘Clear now?’ SEEIT
‘Four Quartets’ poet TSELIOT
‘Gimme a sec,’ in chats BRB
‘I wonder…’ HMM
‘Knock on wood’ HOPESO
‘Missed it by that much!’ SOCLOSE
‘No time to talk!’ IMLATE
‘Shame on you!’ TSK
‘Well said!’ AMEN
‘You don’t need to explain more’ IGETTHAT
Abbr. for an unfilled spot TBA
Alerting sounds from a royal figure? QUEENBEEPS
Annoyed state PIQUE
Aromatic signs of spring LILACS
Avoid the stadium walkways? DODGERAMPS
Ballpark souvenir CAP
Brain product IDEA
Britain’s astronomer royal from 1720 to 1742 HALLEY
Bush of ‘Chicago P.D.’ SOPHIA
Carpenter’s power tool NAILER
Chatterboxes MAGPIES
Coder’s creation APP
Contest involving drawing DUEL
Copycat’s forte APERY
Count up bunny moves? TALLYHOPS
Courteous speeds on spaceships? CIVILWARPS
Dad bod feature GUT
Daffy Duck trademark LISP
Destinations for Gene Simmons fans? KISSCAMPS
Dial-up successor DSL
Dole’s 1996 running mate KEMP
Dominant ALPHA
Editor played by Hanks in ‘The Post’ BRADLEE
Extensive BROAD
Final notice OBIT
Fine, e.g PENALTY
First responders’ letters EMS
Fish-fowl link NOR
Flanged beams IBARS
Flight school final SOLO
Foe of Paris ROMEO
Former Fords LTDS
Fountain orders MALTS
Galileo, for one PISAN
Garden creeper SLUG
Give another try REDO
Has a loan from OWESTO
He finds his chair broken when he comes home BABYBEAR
Help with a job ABET
High balls? LOBS
Hit the roof ERUPT
Homeland OLDSOD
Hook’s right hand SMEE
In hands, say DEALT
Inflatable life vest MAEWEST
Issa of ‘Little’ RAE
Itsy-bitsy EENSY
Joanne of ‘Red River’ DRU
Keeper of the rings BESTMAN
Kilogram of water, roughly LITER
Korea’s largest city SEOUL
Lacking company LONE
Large citrus fruit POMELO
Layabouts IDLERS
Like skin after Botox TAUT
Like some deserving heroes UNSUNG
Locker room adjunct SHOWERS
Loud summer bug CICADA
Maria Shriver, to JFK NIECE


Clues Answers
Meeting of bishops SYNOD
Minor dust-up SETTO
Mischievous government fundraisers? TAXSCAMPS
Money in Munich EURO
Nev. neighbor IDA
Nursery accessories MOBILES
Onetime autocrats TSARS
Only just NEWLY
Packs away STOWS
Palms, e.g TREES
Party person? POL
Patrol car feature RADIO
Peaks unwilling to host the Winter Olympics? WEIRDALPS
Pentagon calculation AREA
PFC’s superiors CPLS
Piano pieces KEYS
Pizza pie part CRUST
Poe’s middle name ALLAN
Prime minister nicknamed ‘Pandit’ NEHRU
Princess, senator and general of film LEIA
Punta del ___ (Uruguayan resort city) ESTE
Radical 1960s college org SDS
Ready for the strudel, say CORED
Revealing iMessage SEXT
Rose Bowl city PASADENA
Saloon selections ALES
Samoa’s capital APIA
School basics THREERS
Scoundrel LOUSE
Scout’s discoveries TALENTS
Sea creature named after a flower ANEMONE
Sealed with pitch TARRED
Sends some signals FLIRTS
Short lines at the checkout counter UPCS
Sitar master Shankar RAVI
Smash hit SELLOUT
SoCal law enforcement force LAPD
Socialist Eugene DEBS
Soft boot materials SUEDES
Some red wines CLARETS
Sound unit more common in its one-tenth version BEL
Splendid sound boosters? GRANDAMPS
Stage honor TONY
Star of Bravo’s ‘Dirty John’ ERICBANA
Starbuck’s colleague ISHMAEL
Starlet’s goal FAME
Stereotypically upper-class WASPY
Stock holder PEN
Strike and rebound CAROM
Summer in Saint Barthelemy ETE
Supermodel Shayk IRINA
Support staffs CANES
Take off, as a brooch UNPIN
Take-home amount NETPAY
Talk back? REPLY
Tantrum HISSY
Timbuktu’s nation MALI
Top-level performance AGAME
Total failure BUST
Treats once advertised as ‘The Original Twister’ OREOS
Via, informally THRU
Washer unit LOAD
Welcome to a mainlander, perhaps ALOHA
What a slash may stand for PER
Wide-eyed AGOG
Woods, irons, putters, etc.? CLUBPROPS
Youngest Bronte sister ANNE
___ Cup (biennial women’s golf tournament) SOLHEIM
___ Lingus AER