Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – Jan 12 2019 – Goal Mining

Daily solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – Jan 12 2019 – Goal Mining. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – Jan 12 2019 – Goal Mining divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
‘Carpe ___!’ DIEM
‘Galatea of the Spheres’ artist DALI
‘Heroides’ poet OVID
‘Pipe down!’ CANIT
‘Really, Holmes, you are a little trying at times’ speaker WATSON
‘Should that be the case…’ IFSO
1999 Nas album IAM
Alfresco art STATUE
Amazon biz ETAIL
Antique store proviso ASIS
Arrogant attitude HIGHHORSE
Assets for inventors IDEAS
Assorted stuff: Abbr MISC
Bat-making machines LATHES
Believer IST
Big name in network hardware CISCO
Bitterly sarcastic ACID
Boarding site GATE
Breaks ground HOES
Bring to the ground RAZE
Bus map indication STOP
Bus. sch. study ECON
Can’t abide ABHORS
Centerpiece of King Midas’s Thanksgiving feast? GOLDTURKEY
Challenge for a cleaning woman? GRIMESCENE
Chatty starlings MYNAHS
City about 36 miles north of Cologne ESSEN
Claim against property LIEN
Clean copy EDIT
Clickable text LINK
Colt in a canyon? GAPPISTOL
Comparable to a beet ASRED
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Contaminant-free PURE
Counts’ counterparts EARLS
Dashes off SCOOTS
Dietary restriction NOSALT
Dividend, e.g PAYOUT
Doctor’s listing of serious wounds? GASHREGISTER
Ed Norton’s wife TRIXIE
Essence CRUX
Exploding cigar sound BLAM
Features of Ziggy Stardust’s Easter eggs? GLAMSHELLS
Finishing stroke PUTT
Gives a new look to REDOES
Golf legend Walter HAGEN
Gull’s cousin TERN
Head in Haiti TETE
Hold forth ORATE
Home of Iowa State AMES
Hook helper SMEE
Hoopster CAGER
Hoosier State hoopster PACER
Important time ERA
Investigate SEEINTO
Irene of ‘Zorba the Greek’ PAPAS
Irksome flyers? GALLINGBIRDS
Irving title character GARP
It means ‘fire bowl’ in Japanese HIBACHI
James Joyce novel ULYSSES
Jeong of ‘The Hangover’ KEN
Kate Middleton’s sis PIPPA
Leader buried in Santa Ifigenia Cemetery CASTRO
Legal scholar Sunstein CASS


Clues Answers
Light racing boats SCULLS
Looks good on BECOMES
Low part BASSO
Lunchbox treat OREO
Made sense ADDEDUP
Martinique mate AMI
Mask features EYEHOLES
Met pieces ARIAS
Mexican money PESO
Mill materials GRISTS
Minor quibble NIT
Neighborhoods AREAS
New Mexico’s Cerro Pedernal, for one MESA
Number on a black ball EIGHT
Offer of assistance LETME
On this spot HERE
Pair in an ellipse FOCI
Paths of punts ARCS
Pen plaint OINK
Perform lutzes and axels SKATE
Person of Paisley SCOT
Place that may suit you MENSSHOP
Poet on Italy’s two-euro coins DANTE
Pointer TIP
Prefix with fauna or culture AVI
Product of clay compaction SHALE
Provisos CAVEATS
Purplish stationery? GRAPEPAPER
Puts one’s chowder in the pot? GAMBLESSOUP
Rage Against the Machine specialty RAPMETAL
Ranch crew HANDS
Recharges one’s batteries RESTS
Respectful salutation SIRS
Ret. prof’s title EMER
Salon acquisitions TANS
Smallest nation in the European Union MALTA
Smart guy ALECK
Soap brand since 1926 CAMAY
Some auditions OPENCALLS
Speaks croakily RASPS
Sportscast snippet STAT
Storyteller REGALER
Straddle SITATOP
Suffer public humiliation EATIT
Superior, compared to Ontario? GREATERLAKE
Survey of the kids? GOATCHECK
Tarot deck suit CUPS
The Jets, e.g GANG
Thin as ___ AREED
Three-dimensional SPATIAL
Thunder sound CLAP
Till stack ONES
Timber wolf LOBO
Toll rd TPK
Tourist destination of Uttar Pradesh AGRA
Traveling trio MAGI
Tree of the Cascades SILVERPINE
Uncomplaining bunch STOICS
Untrustworthy sorts LIARS
View with astonishment GAPEAT
Visibility lessener HAZE
Wallop SLUG
Worry about STEWOVER
Yalta Conference attendee STALIN
___ Lingus AER