Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 15 2020 – Cardholders

Daily solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 15 2020 – Cardholders. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 15 2020 – Cardholders divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Kin of finishing nails BRADS
6 Five iron, quaintly MASHIE
12 KFC piece BREAST
18 Imposed LEVIED
20 Like the flavor of chives ONIONY
21 Offers a hand DEALSTO
22 No longer young, euphemistically OFACERTAINAGE
24 Occurring previously EARLIER
25 “Camelot” song CESTMOI
26 Creoles have it MIXEDANCESTRY
28 Mlle., across the Pyrenees SRTA
29 Cry from a futbol fan OLE
31 Hot pepper variety SERRANO
32 Less dense SPARSER
34 Rubber gasket ORING
36 German exclamation ACH
39 1990s Britcom, familiarly ABFAB
43 Casino area PIT
44 Primatology subjects APES
45 Pass along RELAY
47 They fall from plumes VOLCANICASHES
51 Stock-related, in a way BOVINE
52 It’s across the Red Sea from Yemen ERITREA
53 Deceptive sort LIAR
54 Without discussion or questioning ASAGIVEN
56 Snappy reply RETORT
57 Brazen behavior GALL
58 Trail LAG
59 Mother of Castor and Pollux LEDA
60 Servant to Oberon ROBINGOODFELLOW
65 Coders’ creations APPS
68 Fertility clinic stock OVA
69 Heads out GOES
70 Ethically indifferent AMORAL
74 Upright GOALPOST
76 The Capulets and Montagues had one FEUD
77 Immovable ADAMANT
78 “Let me check on that” ILLASK
79 It ruled China from 1279 to 1368 MONGOLDYNASTY
81 Skier Alberto with five Olympic medals TOMBA
82 Summoned ride UBER
84 Scepter ROD
85 Site of “bombs bursting” INAIR
86 Dunderhead ASS
87 Copier supply TONER
89 Drools SLAVERS
92 City apartment amenity TERRACE
94 End of an academic address EDU
95 Snub-nosed lap dog PEKE
99 “Get it? Get it?” KNOWWHATIMEAN
105 Not backed up UNSAVED
107 Start of a restaurant door sign warning NOSHOES
108 Like psychedelic drugs MINDEXPANDING
110 “My bad!” IMSORRY
111 Daughter of a Bedouin chieftain in “Peer Gynt” ANITRA
112 Broadside TIRADE
113 Calls silly names, say TEASES
114 Silky case COCOON
115 Jonas Kaufmann, e.g. TENOR


Number Clues Answers
1 Legislative groups BLOCS
2 Allude REFER
3 “Halt!” at sea AVAST
4 Formal pronouncements DICTA
5 Appear SEEM
6 Extinct bird of New Zealand MOA
7 Abbr. on a spirited passage ANIM
8 Gary of “Forrest Gump” SINISE
9 Fraud perpetrator HOAXER
10 “The Farmer’s Daughter” star Stevens INGER
11 Dilating doses EYEDROPS
12 Navigational aid BEACON
13 Hard to come by RARE
14 Wings ELLS
15 “Be that ___ may…” ASIT
16 End for old or young STER
17 Labourite’s foe TORY
19 Betray weariness DROOP
21 Hopper in Hollywood DENNIS
23 Mild-flavored fish TILAPIA
27 It flows into Lake Brienz AARE
30 Church of country music ERIC
32 New York-style pizza chain SBARRO
33 “The Great Escape” setting STALAG
35 Shipboard spirits GROG
36 Full of energy ALIVE
37 Like some chairs CANED
38 Aardwolf’s cousin HYENA
39 Firmly state AVER
40 Snoozer BORE
41 Move quickly from place to place FLIT
42 Place to hone your craft ACTORSLAB
44 ___ Lingus AER
46 1976 Top Ten hit for ELO EVILWOMAN
48 Acer’s Aspire 1, e.g. NETBOOK
49 Minuteman holder SILO
50 Chlorine or fluorine HALOGEN
51 2000 Top Ten hit for Erykah Badu BAGLADY
54 Pints in pubs ALES
55 It’s found on the rim of la copa de margarita SAL
57 Teeny fly GNAT
61 Hosp. hookups IVS
62 Arizona governor Ducey DOUG
63 Indiana Jones trademark FEDORA
64 Muscat masses OMANIS
65 Mental aggravation AGITA
66 Casual tops POLOS
67 Their lines may be read PALMS
71 Tabula ___ RASA
72 Opposed ANTI
73 Nearly 6 trillion mi. LTYR
75 Ordeal for jrs. PSAT
76 Backing FOR
77 Made sense ADDEDUP
79 Only American ship sunk by the Spanish in the Spanish-American War MERRIMAC
80 “A smoke made with the fume of sighs,” to Romeo LOVE
82 Troubled UNEASY
83 Ernie’s buddy BERT
88 The rest of the group OTHERS
89 Overlook description SCENIC
90 Result in LEADTO
91 Charge RUNAT
93 Acid type AMINO
95 Mission man PADRE
96 Brand sourced near Lake Geneva EVIAN
97 Sport with bamboo swords KENDO
98 Groundskeeper’s tool EDGER
99 Mend together KNIT
100 Iditarod finish NOME
101 Peak southeast of Olympus OSSA
102 Victims of the Grinch’s stealing WHOS
103 Sported WORE
104 Nephew of Caligula NERO
106 Sulky state SNIT
109 Popular anxiety drug, informally XAN