The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Answers – Oct 11 2019

Daily solution for the The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Answers – Oct 11 2019. The Irish Times Crosaire Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Answers – Oct 11 2019.

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Clues Answers
As soon as ONCE
Bloody lad behind much crime CRIMSON
Car slowing device brake pad
Celebrity in there now nude! RENOWN
Chap one with adult obsession MANIA
Check six-footer embracing Penny INSPECT
Component PART
Crumpets produced in full colour range SPECTRUM
Cud chewer RUMINANT
Danger in polar regions gets publicity? EXPOSURE
Don’t believe this — it’s not kosher pork pie
Drink at home with insect or sheep? RUMINANT
Employee on a reduced schedule part-timer
Fill up again REPLENISH
Filth from curmudgeon MUD
Fragrance ODOUR
Group of species GENUS
Hand-tightened fastener wing nut
High repute RENOWN
Irish working in club? IRON
Jagged cut on tombstone? RIP
Leech (informal) PARASITE
Melton Mowbray snack pork pie
Old and sullen, making smell ODOUR
One excused from master class GENUS
One readily turns extremist joining faction wing nut
Parrots and other creatures APES
Pastries king put in fancy case CAKES
Piano skills for piece PART
Pirate as poor becomes sponger PARASITE
Policeman crossing river finds harvest CROP
Press clothes IRON
Previously held in interrogation centre ONCE
Primates APES
Pulp featured in this remixed chart-topper smash hit
Replace Pilsner he’s drunk REPLENISH
Rich red colour CRIMSON
Riding whip CROP
Scrap watch — hand working occasionally? part-timer
Scrutinise INSPECT
Shred RIP
Sign from mortgage minister GEMINI
Slimy matter (informal) GUNK
Slower playboy in bachelor flat? brake pad
Some holding unknown sticky substance GUNK
Successful song (informal) smash hit
Sweet baked items CAKES
Uncovering EXPOSURE
Wavelength array SPECTRUM
Wet earth MUD
Zodiac twins GEMINI