The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Answers – Jan 3 2020

Daily solution for the The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Answers – Jan 3 2020. The Irish Times Crosaire Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the The Sun – Two Speed Crossword Answers – Jan 3 2020.

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Clues Answers
An unhappy lot (informal) a dog’s life
Arctic deer CARIBOU
Assist criminal in a wager ABET
Barren ARID
Beast wandering in Cuba and Rio CARIBOU
Bird circles its quarry OSPREY
Black cab TAXI
Book groovy resort BRIGHTON
Boss with a cold β€” he finds problem HEADACHE
Concerning ABOUT
Drama venue PLAYHOUSE
Dry air circulating over delta ARID
Fighter (informal) SCRAPPER
Fish hawk OSPREY
Hang on to bar SAVE
Help illegally ABET
Insect BUG
Interlock MESH
Kudos built on university logic puzzle SUDOKU
Large flightless bird OSTRICH
Large rodent RAT
Light that darkens? SUNLAMP
Like bird with greyish appearance ASHEN
Martyr after love with well-to-do bird OSTRICH
Number-placement game SUDOKU
On U-boat at sea ABOUT
One business that’s picking up TAXI
Pallid ASHEN
Part of speech NOUN
Periodical brought in that is showing picture IMAGE
Public persona IMAGE
Put money away SAVE
Quarrelsome person, soldier receives credit SCRAPPER
Remove long hair β€” that brings anguish DISTRESS
Restoring as you help theatre PLAYHOUSE
Scene where Poe dies horribly EPISODE
Self-important ARROGANT
Setter’s wretched existence? a dog’s life
Shem abused the network MESH
Sister to receive nothing β€” it might be proper? NOUN
Software problem to irritate BUG
South coast town BRIGHTON
Speak up (for) VOUCH
Tanning device SUNLAMP
Ten agree to brew drink green tea
Testify against pained remark VOUCH
Too proud chopping tarragon ARROGANT
Traditional Chinese beverage green tea
Traitor in Blair Atholl RAT