Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate Crossword Answers – Aug 16 2020

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Clues Answers
"I want that now!" GIMME
"Just say — drugs" NOTO
"Monterey" food [singer] JACKCHEESE
"Preach it!" AMEN
"So long!" BYE
"Spare tire" fat FLAB
"You are not!" reply IAMSO
"— bleu!" (French "Egad!") SACRE
.6214 mile KILOMETER
2008 Lucasfilm sci-fi flick [TV personality] STARWARSTHECLONEWARS
Aches (for) YEARNS
Actor Derek JACOBI
Actor Omar of "House" EPPS
Actress Long NIA
Ad award CLIO
African antelope GNU
After-bath application TALC
Animator’s sheet CEL
Apiece EACH
Approves of OKS
Aqua — (highly corrosive liquid) REGIA
Arctic vehicle SLED
As a result ERGO
At the drop of — AHAT
At the home of, French-style CHEZ
Baby’s bear TEDDY
Bacon sizzle sound SSSS
Barcelona soccer great Lionel MESSI
Blvds., e.g STS
Bow of respect CURTSEY
Bryce Canyon locale UTAH
Car financing abbr APR
Certain bolt RIVET
College academics overseer [actor] DEANOFFACULTY
College focuses MAJORS
Colt’s father SIRE
Community rec center YMCA
Cost — and a leg ANARM
Creditor’s time of forgiveness [singer] GRACEPERIOD
Custard components EGGS
Director Kazan ELIA
Display model DEMO
Downsides CONS
Envoy’s bldg EMB
Estevez of film EMILIO
Female WWII enlistee WAC
Fencing sword EPEE
Fend (off) WARD
Flavorful SAPID
Forest cats LYNXES
Fourth-place finisher, say ALSORAN
Fuel holders GASCANS
Full of pep ENERGETIC
Funeral pile PYRE
Get resolved CLEARUP
Gives out in abundance, as flattery POURSON
Have a snack NOSH
Hiker’s carrying bag MUSETTE
How police may get info ONATIP
Illegalizes BANS
In a pleasant way AGREEABLY
In groups of two PAIRED
In the midst of AMONG
In — (as found) SITU
It aired "Car Talk" NPR
Italian Riviera city GENOA
Joanne of "My Pal Gus" DRU
Jumped LEAPT
Kuwaiti chief EMIR
Lace a party drink [bandleader] SPIKETHEPUNCH
Lead-in to "now" ERE
Lead-in to Nov OCT
Leaf veins RIBS
Legal deg LLB
Lyft competitor UBER
Magic spell MOJO
Mai — TAI
Male gobblers [singer] TOMTURKEYS
Mork’s planet ORK
Mr., in Munich HERR
Muscat citizen OMANI
NBA nail-biters, in brief OTS
Not veiled SEEN
Noted Bronx attraction ZOO
Ones making an effort TRIERS
Ornament hanger, e.g ADORNER
Oval portion ARC
Overplayed the part EMOTED
Part of ENT EAR
Part of ENT NOSE
Part of ETA ARR
Pesky insect, informally SKEETER
Piano seat BENCH
Plastic brick brand LEGO
Playwright Connelly MARC
Radio dial KNOB
Ranch food provider [animator] CHUCKWAGON
Ravi Shankar played it SITAR
Realm: Abbr EMP
Relieve EASE
Roman 1,150 MCL
Roomy car SEDAN
Santa’s laugh HOHOHO
Sch. in Manhattan NYU
Screw up FLUB
Screw up ERR
Send off EMIT
Show that you can download PODCAST
Sight at dusk SUNSET
Singer Cole or Abdul PAULA
Singer Reddy HELEN
Some aircraft engines RAMJETS
Spanish for "bears" OSOS
States, to Macron ETATS
Strange EERIE
Stubborn equine ASS
Stud money ANTE
Sudden temperature increase HEATBURST
Tangent, e.g RATIO
Teen girl, in old lingo [golfer] BOBBYSOXER
They may bedevil dogs LICE
Tiger sounds ROARS
Tiny fly GNAT
Tire pattern TREAD
Tolkien fiend ORC
Unmoving STILL
Vatican head POPE
Very busy ATIT
Very dense element OSMIUM
Volcano stuff LAVA
Went by bike, e.g RODE
Western Amerind OTO
What you do when you solve this puzzle? KEEPUPWITHTHEJONESES
Witty sort WAG
Work unit ERG
X Games airer ESPN
— d’oeuvres HORS
— even keel ONAN
— II (Gillette brand) TRAC
— Mae (government lender) GINNIE