NY Times Crossword 24 Jun 21, Thursday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 24 Jun 21, Thursday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Schooner feature MAST
Shock treatment, for short DEFIB
Subject of the 2011 Jon Roberts memoir “American Desperado,” with “the” … MOB
Tongue-in-cheek ARCH
“So sad …” A PITY …
Stamp collector’s purchase PANE
Impetus behind a prank, maybe DARE
One going the distance? MARATHONER
Refuse to talk CLAM UP
A ton of bricks? LEGO SET
Source of heart-shaped leaves ASPEN
Like water at the shallow end of a pool WAIST HIGH
Name on a vintage red, white and blue cap PEPSI-COLA
Weighs (down) BOGS
Lead-in to a crazy idea SAY …
Part of an old circus act STRONGMAN
Realm of the Valkyries NORSE MYTH
2007 film with the tagline “The last man on earth is not alone” I AM LEGEND
Competitor of Dick’s Sporting Goods REI
Be a rat SING
Dish rack accessories TEA TOWELS
Eel order at a sushi bar UNAGI ROLL
“Land sakes alive!” OH GEE!
Severely self-disciplined sort ASCETIC
Men’s grooming items BEARD COMBS
“Sir” might be found at the start of it -LOIN
Colleen LASS
Investor’s “No deal” I’M OUT
Mario who wrote “The Godfather” PUZO
5-Across administrator EMT
Makeover result, maybe NEW DO
Go on and on bitterly SPEW


Clues Answers
Eccentrics MADCAPS
Victim of a 20th-century environmental tragedy ARAL SEA
Small but full of fight SCRAPPY
Some bars returned to again and again? THEMES
Conducive to mold, maybe DAMP
Org. established partly in response to Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” EPA
The “Tannen” of Tannenbaum FIR
One might consist of a primo, secondo and digestivo ITALIAN MEAL
Data base? BYTES
Quarters that could be worth a lot MANSION
Brownie mix add-in, often ONE EGG
Playoff positions BERTHS
Muckety-muck POOH-BAH
Fig. on a driver’s license HGT
Sleep aid brand UNISOM
Prognosis that a problem has only just begun WORSE TO COME
Sunburn-soothing substance ALOE GEL
Lead-in to P or C on a PC CTRL-
Peer of Ibsen GYNT
Where the Ring is destroyed in “The Lord of the Rings” MT DOOM
Constant reminders? NAGGERS
Recovering orthopedically, maybe IN A CAST
Get back together REGROUP
Write à la Thomas Gray or John Donne ELEGIZE
“Ahhh” I SEE NOW
Fit to be tried SUABLE
Line at a clothing store INSEAM
Gives birth to, as puppies WHELPS
“___ be nice if …” IT’D
Toxic protein prepared on “Breaking Bad” RICIN
El de aquí ESTO
Run, like a Deere? MOW
Homie BUD