NY Times Crossword 23 Dec 18, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 23 Dec 18, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the NY Times Crossword 23 Dec 18, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 English guy CHAP
5 Partner in indecision with 5-Down HEM
8 Alternative to pavement GRAVEL
14 What leads many people to say “Let’s face it”? MECCA
19 Spanish greeting HOLA
20 G.I.’s address APO
21 California’s motto EUREKA
22 Like a truck descending a steep hill IN LOW
23 Sources of Manchego cheese EWES
24 How polka bands get their start? WITH ONE ACCORDION (from “with one accord”)
27 Org. with an annual Help a Horse Day ASPCA
29 Big suit CEO
30 Harvard University Press’s ___ Classical Library LOEB
31 Hundredths: Abbr. PCTS
32 Pontiff’s gold treasure? PAPAL BULLION (from “papal bull”)
37 Performed creditably DID OK
39 Word with store or sign DOLLAR
40 Value ESTEEM
43 Like powwows TRIBAL
46 Register things SALES
48 Star bursts NOVAE
49 Summer hat PANAMA
50 Enthrones CROWNS
53 Query about the Freedom Caucus or Berniecrats? IS THAT A FACTION? (from “Is that a fact?)
56 Noted beauty contest loser HERA
57 Most remote of the Near Islands ATTU
59 Irish port, county or bay SLIGO
60 “Shame!” TSK!
61 Sushi eel UNAGI
63 Improvised RIFFED
67 Some refuges DENS
69 Figure in Jewish folklore GOLEM
70 Like some factories … or, in a different sense, like 90-, 109- and 119-Across (but not 24-, 32- and 53-Across)? UNIONIZED … UN “ION-IZED”)
73 Potentially unhelpful answer to “Who’s there?” IT’S ME?
77 Speed RACE
79 The 21st Amendment, e.g. REPEAL
80 Biblical spy CALEB
81 Wonder AWE
84 Dutch cheese GOUDA
87 Pas sans AVEC
89 Awestruck GAGA
90 Nickname for a hard-to-please girl? MISS IMPOSSIBLE (from “Mission: Impossible”)
95 Room to maneuver LEEWAY
97 Certifiable, so to speak INSANE
98 Bygone office position STENO
99 Unctuousness SMARM
101 White part of pearly whites ENAMEL
102 Offshore sight, maybe OIL RIG
104 Vexes ANNOYS
107 Arabic name that sounds like a polite affirmative YASIR
109 Data maintained by competitive dentists? FILLING STATS (from “filling stations”)
112 Envelope abbr. ATTN
114 That’s right! EAST
117 Italian article UNA
118 Intentionally lost THREW
119 Speakers’ searches for just the right words? RHETORICAL QUESTS (from “rhetorical questions”)
125 Halliburton of the Halliburton Company ERLE
126 Buckwheat cereal KASHA
127 Restroom sign LADIES
128 Antidiscriminatory abbr. EEO
129 Iago or Othello ROLE
130 It notably has two bridges SITAR
131 Bleachers STANDS
132 “x” in 5x = x2 ÷ 2 TEN
133 Tit for tat? SWAP


Number Clues Answers
1 Shoddy CHEAP
2 “Alas!” HOW SAD!
3 War-torn Syrian city ALEPPO
4 Philosophical argument for belief in God PASCAL’S WAGER
5 Partner in indecision with 5-Across HAW
6 Connoisseur of food and drink EPICURE
7 One might be found near a cloverleaf MOTEL
8 Modern prefix with tag GEO-
9 Series RUN
10 Word with you but not me ARE
11 Main ingredient in Wiener schnitzel VEAL
12 Kitchenware brand EKCO
13 Like corsets LACED
14 Russian “peace” MIR
15 Terminus ENDPOINT
16 Online enticement CLICKBAIT
17 Codger COOT
18 Botanical bristles AWNS
25 Evidence left by a moth HOLE
26 Dead reckoning? OBIT PAGE
28 ___ Alcorn, creator of Pong ALLAN
33 Wood for a raft BALSA
34 “And who ___?” ISN’T
35 Texter’s transition OTOH
36 St. Petersburg’s river NEVA
38 Unduly harsh DRACONIC
41 Has a 42-Down EATS
42 See 41-Down MEAL
44 ___ Lee, singer with the 2011 #1 album “Mission Bell” AMOS
45 All limbs LANK
47 Audit a class, say SIT IN
50 Move slowly (along) CHUG
51 City near the Sierras RENO
52 What comes before “B”? ORAL-
54 Islamic mystic SUFI
55 Tinker (with) FIDDLE
58 Align TRUE UP
62 Doesn’t really see IMAGINES
64 Gift tag word FOR
65 Lansing-to-Flint dir. ENE
66 Brief swim DIP
68 Protective sorts in showbiz STAGE MOTHERS
71 Fervor ZEAL
72 Some runoff sites EAVES
74 BBQ side SLAW
75 What can go before watt MEGA-
76 Rare success story from the dot-com bubble EBAY
78 More pulchritudinous COMELIER
81 Beau’s girl AMIE
82 ___-Dixie (grocery chain) WINN
83 It’s not as simple as a), b), c) ESSAY TEST
85 “Go ahead!” DO SO!
86 Italian wine city ASTI
88 Trolley sound CLANG
91 Bee, e.g. SAMANTHA
92 Introvert’s focus SELF
93 Cross inscription INRI
94 Seethe BOIL
96 Max at the MoMA ERNST
100 Sea cow MANATEE
103 Need for a model GLUE
105 Flowering herb also known as devil’s nettle YARROW
106 Woman’s name that means “star” STELLA
108 Banisters RAILS
110 Not loose, as a diamond INSET
111 4-0 series, say SWEEP
112 Some refuges ARKS
113 Like panang curry THAI
115 “Git!” SCAT!
116 “I did it!” TADA!
120 It fits in a lock OAR
121 Architect Maya LIN
122 Mathematician’s 116-Down QED
123 Inits. before many state names USS
124 Jesus Christ, with “the” SON