NY Times Crossword 21 Jul 19, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 21 Jul 19, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Org. whose workers can be a little frisky? TSA
Meager SCANT
Charged RAN AT
Picture framer’s aid MAT
Bad things for astronaut suits to have RIPS
Part of a broadcast feed AUDIO
On the qui vive ALERT
Second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands MAUI
“However,” in textspeak OTOH
Name of a sea first visited in 1969 TRANQUILITY
Pot starter ANTE
World capital near the 60th parallel OSLO
What mattresses and spirits may do SAG
Signs of nervousness UMS
Good name for a fishmonger? GIL
Gaming neophyte NOOB
Kind of diet PALEO
They don’t keep their thoughts to themselves TELEPATHS
Two tablespoons OUNCE
W.W. II zone: Abbr. ETO
End of a rope NOOSE
Sean who played Rudy in “Rudy” ASTIN
La-la lead-in TRA-
Certain seafood delicacy ROE
Attention EAR
Not as one APART
Appropriately palindromic reply to “Madam, I’m Adam” EVE
Someone who might engage in a hobby with some frequency? HAM
Bit of media hoopla SPLASH
Words of Jesus ARAMAIC
“Great” birds EGRETS
Hillary who climbed Everest EDMUND
The Notorious ___ (Supreme Court nickname) RBG
Possible response to “No, you’re not” YES, I AM
Skin care brand NIVEA
Classic place to hide money COOKIE JAR
“Je t’___” ADORE
Suave competitor PRELL
Newsmaker of July 1969 ARMSTRONG
Weeper of myth NIOBE
Relating to the kidneys RENAL
Santa ___, Calif. ANA
Where I go “when my baby smiles at me,” in song RIO
Bartender’s supply TONIC
Necessity for going online, in brief ISP
Loopy cursive letters ELS
“There was no other choice!” I HAD TO!
Deactivate DISABLE
Request for a cold one BEER ME
Bottom-dwelling fish that lack fins MUD EELS
“___ NewsHour” PBS
Wizards, but not witches NBA TEAM
Place to get a shot ARM
Amenities at some hotels POOLS
Understanding GRASP
The last Pope Julius III
___ Stic (pen brand) CLIC
Hawk -> snake -> frog -> insect, e.g. FOOD CHAIN
Summer pest GNAT
Announcement of July 1969 THE EAGLE HAS LANDED
“A-O.K. for launch!” IT’S A GO
Do-nothing’s state IDLESSE
Trojan warrior in the “Iliad” AENEAS
What’s gotten into your head NOTION
Represented in sheet music NOTATED
1980s TV’s “Remington ___” STEELE
Carol Brady and Camilla Parker Bowles, for two STEPMOMS
Scruffs NAPES
Binoculars attachment STRAP


Clues Answers
Ticket issuers TROOPERS
Straddles SITS ATOP
Long-distance traveler of 1969 APOLLO ELEVEN
800 things? SATS
One putting on a show CURATOR
“What goes up must come down” and others ADAGES
Diarist Anaïs NIN
Chef’s hat TOQUE
Mrs. Gorbachev RAISA
Totally ALL
Some sound effects in westerns NEIGHS
Performer ARTISTE
Texter’s sign-off TTYL
Achievement of 1969 MAN ON THE MOON
Rafter connectors TIE BEAMS
Unconventional home in a nursery rhyme SHOE
English football powerhouse, to fans MAN U
Strike caller UMP
What 71-Across took in 1969, as represented literally in a corner of this puzzle ONE SMALL STEP
Regan’s father LEAR
French comic actor Jacques TATI
What 71-Across took in 1969, as represented literally in another corner of this puzzle ONE GIANT LEAP
Third-largest of the Hawaiian Islands OAHU
Composer Charles IVES
Domain of a municipal department PARKS
Extent AMBIT
Wild party RAGER
Capital of South Australia ADELAIDE
Dressed up ADORNED
Dangerous substance that smells like bitter almonds CYANIDE
Receiver with a crystal RADIO SET
Org. with an Inspiration Award and an Award of Valor NCAA
Big inits. in news NPR
Wrath IRE
Nationality seen in most of Romania OMANI
Superman’s father JOR-EL
Stat for which Hank Aaron holds the all-time record RBI
Common Market inits. EEC
Sport that players are not allowed to play left-handed POLO
Nile biter ASP
One waiting in line at an airport CAB
Network with “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee” TBS
Goes out EBBS
Apple on a desk IMAC
Pitch HURL
Comes clean about ADMITS TO
Member of a popular package delivery service REINDEER
Mother of Hermes MAIA
Release EMIT
Tough job for a mover, maybe SOFA
“Peter Pan” dog NANA
Access an account LOG IN
Convinced of SOLD ON
Fuels (up) GASSES
Angered RILED
___ Weizmann, first president of Israel CHAIM
Dirty mouth? DELTA
Economy CHEAP
Test taker’s downfall, perhaps HASTE
“The Maids” playwright Jean GENET
Obstacles to teamwork EGOS
Very long time EON
“Illmatic” rapper NAS
People with badges: Abbr. DETS
Part of the foot between the toes and the ankle INSTEP
Mr. Turkey TOM
___ mode A LA
Mo. in 1962 in which J.F.K. gave his “We choose to go to the moon” speech SEP