NY Times Crossword 17 Mar 20, Tuesday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 17 Mar 20, Tuesday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Vacationing, say AWAY
Blue Ribbon brewer PABST
“___ Rabbit,” 2019 Oscar-nominated film JOJO
Mexican money PESO
Justice who replaced O’Connor ALITO
Slangy prefix meaning “super” UBER
One who goes a-courting BEAU
Befitting a king or queen REGAL
Homes for cubs DENS
Child, to doting parents PRIDE AND JOY
Offshoot of punk music EMO
“That being said ” YET
Classic Hunter S. Thompson novel, familiarly FEAR AND LOATHING
Set of values ETHIC
U.K. lexicon OED
“Rubber Duckie” singer on “Sesame Street” ERNIE
Vaper’s buy E-CIG
Palmer with an “army” ARNIE
German chancellor ___ von Bismarck OTTO
Strategy during the 2003 invasion of Iraq SHOCK AND AWE
Dot over an “i” or “j” TITTLE
Singer with the 1994 hit “You Gotta Be” DES’REE
Prefix with freak or warrior ECO-
Dispute between Wikipedia page updaters EDIT WAR
___ whiskey RYE
“Fiddling” emperor NERO
“Nothin’ doin’!” NAH!
On an even ___ (steady) KEEL
Ambivalence or a hint to 20-, 25- and 41-Across MIXED FEELINGS
Novelist Ahern with the best sellers “PS, I Love You” and “Love, Rosie” CECELIA
Made privy to LET IN ON
Doesn’t stop performing PLAYS ON
Place to graze PASTURE
As a minimum AT LEAST
Suffered from cramps, say SPASMED


Clues Answers
Police alert, for short APB
Eensy WEE
“Stat!” ASAP!
“I agree” YOU’RE RIGHT
Presidential absolution, as for a Thanksgiving turkey PARDON
Out of the wind, at sea ALEE
Nickname for Angel Stadium, with “the” BIG A
Pal of Kyle and Kenny on “South Park” STAN
“See? Just as I said!” TOLD YA!
Takedowns at dojos JUDO THROWS
Toe the line OBEY
Actress Aniston, in tabloids JEN
Stitching sites, briefly ORS
Apple introduced in 1998 IMAC
Ballerina’s springing jump JETE
A.T.M. expense FEE
“ yadda, yadda, yadda” ETC
Ignoring the record of past events AHISTORICAL
Square figure? DORK
Dunham of “Girls” LENA
Father of Thor ODIN
Period during which a throne is vacant INTERREGNUM
Minor gripe NIT
Prefix with political or physics GEO-
Completed perfectly ACED
Icelandic saga EDDA
When repeated, a World Cup chant OLE!
___ Lingus AER
Highest point value for a Scrabble tile TEN
Winter sidewalk application ICE MELT
Weedy vacant lot, e.g. EYESORE
Moray, for one EEL
Newborn INFANT
___ Bo (workout system) TAE
Kind of daisy OXEYE
Makes socks, e.g. KNITS
“Frozen” snow queen ELSA
God: Sp. DIOS
___ year (2020, for example) LEAP
Celebratory words before “boy” or “girl” IT’S A
Tax whiz, for short CPA
Homer’s neighbor on “The Simpsons” NED