NY Times Crossword 15 Nov 18, Thursday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 15 Nov 18, Thursday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Real lifesaver HERO
5 Cloned machine of old IBM PC
10 Something to hold near a skunk NOSE
14 Matty who once had a National League batting title ALOU
15 Bit of regalia TIARA
16 Repulsive ODIOUS
17 Making a “Top Party Schools” list, e.g. DUBIOUS HONOR
19 Precisely TO A T
20 “Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions” author STEINEM
21 Iconographic image in Catholic art MADONNA
23 One of the Kennedys TED
24 Zeno’s birthplace ELEA
26 ___ anglais (English horn) COR
27 Bounce PEP
28 “Heavens to Betsy!” GRACIOUS ME!
33 Comic strip reporter Brenda STARR
36 Retainers, e.g. FEES
37 Collar stiffener STAY
38 Strike zones? LANES
39 When credits roll END
40 Invective, e.g. ABUSE
41 Choice of juice? AC/DC
42 Rude dudes CADS
43 Photo filters TINTS
44 Catchphrase for Moe Howard WHY, I OUGHTA
46 1990s game disk POG
47 Plethora SEA
48 Reindeer in “Frozen” SVEN
50 Texting qualifier IMO
53 Comments from quick wits ZINGERS
57 Hit 1992 film with a 2019 live-action remake ALADDIN
59 Wind in a pit OBOE
60 Money to start small businesses … or a hint to five squares in this puzzle MICROLOANS
62 Bawl (out) REAM
63 Going green? ENVIOUS
64 What you might call a Friend THEE
65 $$$ holders ATMS
66 Martini & ___ (vermouth) ROSSI
67 Word processing function SORT


Number Clues Answers
1 Possessed, biblically HADST
2 Wash out with a solvent ELUTE
3 Like Druids ROBED
4 “Certainement!” OUI OUI!
5 What the Genius Bar provides IT HELP
6 Wetland or rain forest BIOME
7 “Holy Toledo!” MAN!
8 Party that often has an after-party PROM
9 Santiago de León de ___ (formal name of a world capital) CARACAS
10 Noted artist on Bad Boy Records, with “the” NOTORIOUS BIG
11 Take too much of, in brief OD ON
12 Winnebago, for one SIOUAN
13 “Cómo ___ usted?” ESTA
18 Shows of contempt SNEERS
22 E.N.T., e.g. DOC
25 Well-run meetings have them AGENDAS
27 Contents of a treasure chest PRECIOUS GEMS
29 1970s N.L. powerhouse REDS
30 Dumbfound STUN
31 It may be rigged MAST
32 Surveys EYES
33 Deli dish SLAW
34 Instrument with a needle, for short TACH
35 First name in pop art ANDY
36 Bowling a 300, e.g. FEAT
40 Keyless ATONAL
42 Many a con artist CHARMER
45 “Is that so …” GEE …
46 House speaker after Hastert PELOSI
49 Sundry VARIOUS
50 Home of Shoshone Falls IDAHO
51 One who’s gone underground? MINER
52 It’s a start ONSET
53 Author ___ Neale Hurston ZORA
54 “Likely story!” I BET!
55 Linguist Chomsky NOAM
56 ___-Japanese War SINO
58 Parts of colons DOTS
61 ___ Health (corporate giant) CVS