NY Times Crossword 10 Nov 19, Sunday

Daily solution for the NY Times Crossword 10 Nov 19, Sunday. The New York Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
“Hooked on Classics” company K-TEL
Christina of “Monster” RICCI
Skins, so to speak DRUMS
Silent MUM
Last Supper item GRAIL
Case study in many business ethics classes ENRON
Call on VISIT
“The Simpsons” character who holds a Ph.D. in computer science APU
Low singers, short on money, draw idly? BASSI IN NEED, DOODLE
Place for a beer pump KEG
Reaches a climax PEAKS
High-class person? SENIOR
Served in a certain cream sauce A LA KING
Fleet runner: Abbr. ADM
Boston’s Liberty Tree, e.g. ELM
Tennis player with a record 377 cumulative weeks ranked No. 1 GRAF
First-rate DANDY
Works as an accountant for a Swedish aerospace company? DOES SAAB BOOKKEEPING
“Pearly Shells” singer DON HO
Like a llano GRASSY
Put a stop to SURCEASE
Mlle., across the Pyrénées SRTA
Tangle SNARL
Airy areas of hotels ATRIA
Urban intersectors: Abbr. STS
People who share an apartment with a Jordanian royal? QUEEN NOOR ROOMMATES
Rival of Havoline STP
Pec pic, say TAT
1980s auto imports based on the Fiat YUGOS
Turkish coin LIRA
Speed skater who won five golds at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics HEIDEN
Not doff LEAVE ON
Politico Liz CHENEY
Unusual RARE
Pocahontas’s husband John ROLFE
50,000-watt clear-channel radio station in Iowa for which Ronald Reagan was once a sportscaster WHO
Sends to the canvas, for short KOS
Designer Mizrahi shouts like a cowboy in a nonchalant way? ISAAC COOLLY YEE-HAWS
Citi Field player MET
Listens attentively HARKS
Man’s name that becomes another man’s name when a “C” is put in front ALVIN
Life ___ (timesaving trick) HACK
Events for special customers PRESALES
Smooth and lustrous SILKEN
Asian metropolis of 28+ million DELHI
Headline after an adolescent at a pool competition is made fun of? SWIM MEET TEEN NEEDLED
Mughal emperor of India known as “the Great” AKBAR
Nephew of Cain ENOS
Feminine side YIN
Meteorological phenomenon MOONBOW
Mourning person, perhaps SOBBER
Like triangles governed by the Pythagorean theorem RIGHT
Stir ADO
Matriculated students appear to be timid? ENROLLEES SEEM MEEK
Couldn’t stand? SAT
John who invented a steel plow DEERE
Poles, e.g. SLAVS
California mission founder Junípero SERRA
What’s up? SKY
More logical SANER
Brownish gray TAUPE
Fit together like matryoshka dolls NEST


Clues Answers
Yuri Andropov headed it for 15 years, in brief KGB
Opening in the theater, maybe TRAPDOOR
Legal grant to cross over someone else’s land EASEMENT
___ Genova, author of “Still Alice” LISA
Rapper MC ___, formerly of N.W.A REN
Travel guide listings INNS
One of the 11 official languages of Canada’s Northwest Territories CREE
Either brother who co-wrote “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” COEN
Plants that yield a blue dye INDIGOS
Antonín who composed “Carnival Overture” DVORAK
Host of the Olympics where golf returned after a 112-year hiatus RIO
National School Lunch Program org. USDA
Pepper dispenser MILL
Cinematographic innovation of the 1970s STEADICAM
Overturn UPEND
Unpleasantly humid MUGGY
Mallorca o Menorca, por ejemplo ISLA
Socially awkward DORKY
Hearst-like film character KANE
Interjects ADDS
It’s more attractive the closer you are to it MAGNET
N.B.A. nickname until 2011 SHAQ
Something white rice lacks BRAN
Hay there! BARN
Where the Nobel Peace Prize winner is announced OSLO
Money for a grand tour EUROS
Stiffly formal PRIM
Like binaural audio STEREO
Parts of college applications ESSAYS
Bean on the silver screen SEAN
Ship of mythology ARGO
Pac-12 player UTE
Cry of dismay OY VEY!
Bemoan RUE
Hoppy drink ALE
Food item often prepared with lemon and garlic SHRIMP
Snack food brand that sounds like buried treasure PIRATE’S BOOTY
It may be a deal breaker: Abbr. DEA
Some pipe joints ELLS
New York Titans’ org. of old AFL
Jackie of “Rush Hour” CHAN
Question that isn’t a “wh-” question HOW?
Ned who composed “Air Music” ROREM
Sound heard at Churchill Downs WHINNY
Alternatives to sleeper sofas CHAIR BEDS
Quiet CALM
The Collegiate School, today YALE
Actress Sommer ELKE
50-50 EVEN
Not out to lunch ALL THERE
Crib users CHEATERS
Captain played twice in film by Charles Laughton KIDD
Equine horse :: cygnine : ___ : SWAN
Pub perch STOOL
“That’s what you should do” IT’S BEST
Playwright Eve ENSLER
Land on the Celtic Sea EIRE
Run up AMASS
Company that’s had its moments KODAK
Draft classification ONE-A
Small songbird WREN
Composer Bartók BELA
Biblical birthright seller ESAU
Send one’s regrets, say RSVP
F.B.I. guys G-MEN
Underground band ORE
Direction from Belg. to Bulg. ESE
“Krazy ___” KAT