Crossword Answers – Jan 28 2019

Daily solution for the Crossword Answers – Jan 28 2019. The Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Jan 28 2019 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Do __ others . . ." UNTO
"My country, tis of __ . . ." THEE
"Very funny!" HAHA
"Without further __ . . ." ADO
"__ of your business!" NONE
50-yard footrace DASH
Admiral’s employer: Abbr USNAVY
Aid and __ (assist in wrongdoing) ABET
Ambulance destinations: Abbr ERS
Armed conflict WAR
Baby sheep LAMB
Backtalk SASS
Black-and-white cookies OREOS
Brother of Cain ABEL
Bullfight cheer OLE
Business moguls TITANS
Butterfly-catching implements NETS
Center of an apple CORE
Centers of hurricanes EYES
Chicken cooked in hot oil FRYER
Chops down, as a tree FELLS
Circular road paths LOOPS
Cold War adversary: Abbr USSR
Courtroom assistants CLERKS
Cravings YENS
Days before holidays EVES
Disgusting, to a child ICKY
Do-it-yourselfer’s package KIT
Does nothing IDLES
Doing the same old thing INARUT
Farmer’s products CROPS
Feature of a tied necktie KNOT
Feeling suspicious LEERY
Former Italian coin LIRA
Fortune-teller’s __ cards TAROT
General standard NORM
Giggling sound TEHEE
Gradually and reliably SLOWLYBUTSURELY


Clues Answers
Gradually, as to pay off a loan ININSTALLMENTS
Gradually, with small amounts LITTLEBYLITTLE
Hand out poker hands DEAL
Harbor markers BUOYS
Helen of __ (mythical abductee) TROY
Indian abode in westerns TEPEE
Judge’s attire ROBE
Light bulb measure WATT
More uncommon RARER
Movie ticket remnant STUB
Muscle twitch SPASM
Operatic solo ARIA
Otherwise ELSE
Pekoe and Earl Grey TEAS
Prefix meaning "against" ANTI
Ravioli or spaghetti PASTA
Recedes, as the tide EBBS
Reject rudely SPURN
Remove clothes wrinkles IRON
Remove, as a tree branch SAWOFF
Roads that often cross aves STS
Sculpture often in parks STATUE
Sharp point on a ranch’s wire fence BARB
Source of solar power SUN
Spew lava ERUPT
Stack, as of papers PILE
State with confidence ASSERT
Suffix for kitchen ETTE
Sword fight DUEL
Tablet computer implement STYLUS
Take advantage of USE
Tall guys’ sports league: Abbr NBA
Throws a party HOSTS
Tightly stretched TAUT
Tiny WEE
Walk through water WADE
When planes are due in: Abbr ETAS
Wild guess STAB