Crossword Answers – Jan 13 2019

Daily solution for the Crossword Answers – Jan 13 2019. The Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Jan 13 2019 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
"Both" prefix AMBI
"I __ the opinion that . . ." AMOF
"It matters to me" ICARE
"Once __ a midnight dreary . . ." UPON
"The Simpsons" barkeep MOE
"The Sound of Music" song DOREMI
After the buzzer LATE
All fired up EAGER
Allergy treatment injector EPIPEN
Apartment ad abbr RMS
Artist known as Jean or Hans ARP
Bag tags IDS
Baker’s supply EGGS
Be abundant TEEM
Became irate GOTMAD
Because of DUETO
Began, as a lawn SEEDED
Biological duplicate CLONE
Blow one’s top ERUPT
Blunder ERR
Body of precedents CASELAW
Book before Proverbs PSALMS
Book jacket blurb BIO
Branch of Islam SHIA
Brewpub designation IPA
British baby buggy PRAM
City near Lake Tahoe RENO
Closest friends INNERCIRCLE
Coffeehouse orders MOCHAS
Collapsible headgear OPERAHAT
Common computer typeface ARIAL
Commotion ADO
Contended (for) VIED
Continuously ATALLTIMES
Cope with change ADAPT
Couture monthly ELLE
Create seams SEW
Darken or lighten, say DYE
Did nothing LAZED
Don’t think about IGNORE
Dumbo’s wing EAR
E-tail membership plan AMAZONPRIME
East Asian peninsula KOREA
Embossed RAISED
End of some hammers PEEN
Entice TEMPT
Exasperating IRKSOME
Financial advisor descriptor FEEBASED
Finish with ENDON
Finnish telecom giant NOKIA
Flag down HAIL
Former Corvette roof option TTOP
Frolicked ROMPED
Girl in Wonderland ALICE
Greenish blue TEAL
Having unpaid bills OWING
Hidden hazards TRAPS
High-tech marker DNA
Hobby store buy MODELPLANE
House of cards and wheels CASINO
Impediment to progress SNAG
In vogue CHIC
It means "recent" NEO
June honorees DADS
Kimono fabric SILK
Kitchen implement PEELER
Kitchen vessel POT
Lends a hand AIDS
Long-legged wader EGRET
Lose traction SKID
March master SOUSA


Clues Answers
Masterpieces GEMS
Metallic bar INGOT
Minting process COINAGE
Mismatch BADFIT
Moore of films DEMI
More abundant RICHER
Mulch material PEAT
Mystical warning OMEN
Mythical lifter ATLAS
Name on the cover of "A Farewell to Arms" ERNEST
Natural balm ALOE
Nautical poles SPARS
Neighbor of Pakistan IRAN
Nursery furnishing CRIB
Oklahoma city ENID
Orange juice material PULP
Orlando-area park EPCOT
Overrun (with) RIFE
Parks it SITS
Partakes of HAS
Patio appliance GASGRILL
Periodical, for short MAG
Personal quirks TICS
Planetarium roof DOME
Plant in traditional Chinese medicine GINSENGROOT
Polynesian carvings TIKIS
Prefix for legal PARA
Prefix for virus ANTI
Public Citizen cofounder NADER
Puff-snack brand CHEETOS
Queen of Olympus HERA
Reject rudely SPURN
Respectful address SIR
Restricts CONFINES
Riotously AMOK
Rocky Mountains line GREATDIVIDE
Romantic song for dancing SLOWNUMBER
Rotisserie rod SPIT
Russian royal name IVAN
Secure at a pier MOOR
Shakespearean general OTHELLO
Shakespearean monarch LEAR
Shakespearean teen ROMEO
Shears sound SNIP
Simple drawing of a person STICKFIGURE
Sing singly SOLO
Skiing category ALPINE
Slightly ATAD
Strikes out DELETES
Sushi seaweed KELP
Tampa neighbor, familiarly STPETE
Tango move DIP
Thinly spread SPARSE
Thought-provoking DEEP
Throw off course DERAIL
Ticked off SORE
Tiny quantity MITE
Tiny wood fragments SLIVERS
Tulsa sch ORU
Turn to compost ROT
Two-year-olds TOTS
Typical Everest guide NEPALI
Unlikely, as odds SLIM
Unsettle AGITATE
Upscale retail chain SAKS
Vertical transportation giant OTIS
Violin pins PEGS
Water carrier PIPE
Whispered summons PSST
Wild West movie OATER
Without question TRULY
Workout counts REPS
Yellow canine of comics ODIE