Crossword Answers – Feb 17 2019

Daily solution for the Crossword Answers – Feb 17 2019. The Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the Crossword Answers – Feb 17 2019 divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Clues Answers
". . . __ it would seem" ORSO
"Dose" people DEM
"Herzog" novelist SAULBELLOW
"Imagine" singer JOHNLENNON
"Legally Blonde" actor LUKEWILSON
"Pet" that’s a plant CHIA
"Pretty Woman" star GERE
"That’s too bad!" AWGEE
"The Untouchables" villain CAPONE
"Your show is starting" ITSON
"__ Diary" (Twain book) EVES
Academia designations PHDS
Admired ones IDOLS
Anaconda cousins BOAS
Andrews Oscar role MARYPOPPINS
Angler’s buy BAIT
Antlered beast STAG
Anvil vendor of cartoons ACME
Arch city of song PAREE
Aunt Millie’s alternative RAGU
Backgammon do-overs REROLLS
Beau of the Bard ROMEO
Beverage made from bags TEA
Bit of dialogue LINE
Bodybuilder’s muscle GLUTE
Bubble wrap’s interior AIR
Carried on WAGED
Carrying a grudge SORE
Catch red-handed NAB
Caterer’s vessel URN
Cato and Cassius LATINS
Ceremonial clubs MACES
Certain bird calls COOS
Certain Scot GAEL
Chaucer-era "ancient" OLDE
Chilly powder SNOW
China from England SPODE
Commodore who visited Japan MATTHEWPERRY
Common Arab prename ALI
Component parts ELEMENTS
Confucianism concept TAO
Cookbook direction STIR
Cookbook direction SCALD
Court group NBA
CPA’s expertise TAXLAW
Cry audibly SOB
David’s launcher SLING
Descendant SCION
Disney mermaid ARIEL
Dragon’s home DEN
Draw closer to GAINON
Droll wit WAG
Early American folk hero DANIELBOONE
Embattled BESET
Enjoyed immensely ATEUP
Equips for combat ARMS
ESPN’s Arthur __ Courage Award ASHE
Expressed dismay MOANED
Farm structure PEN
Fig-bearing tree FICUS
First European to reach New Zealand ABELTASMAN
Former Philippine leader MARCOS
Fruit’s edible matter PULP
General Bradley OMAR
Goblets, for instance STEMWARE
Green garnishes LIMES
Hand over formally CEDE
Hatchet, for instance AXE
Himalayan region TIBET
Improve, as a skill HONE
In a frugal manner SPARELY
Injure severely MAUL
IQ test pioneer BINET


Clues Answers
Knee-ankle link TIBIA
Legendary FABLED
Legendary lexicographer NOAHWEBSTER
Lessen, as stress EASE
Like 10 Across not in bags LOOSE
Line of rotation AXIS
Matter under investigation CASE
Mocking remark JAB
More forlorn BLUER
Mosaic artists TILERS
Most common presidential prename JAMES
Munich automaker BMW
Natural deicer SALT
Neptune’s domain SEA
Nile queen nickname CLEO
Not booked FREE
On one’s feet ARISEN
One of the "Friends" friends ROSS
One on your side ALLY
Other than that ELSE
Paged (up or down) SCROLLED
Pentathlete’s sword EPEE
People from Mayo IRISH
Perched upon ATOP
Persevere with, with "out" SEE
Poetic "soon" ANON
Post of etiquette EMILY
Problem’s solution ANSWER
Reformer’s targets ILLS
Remini of "Kevin Can Wait" LEAH
Renewable energy SOLAR
Revolver innovator COLT
Roomy auto SEDAN
Saddler’s tool AWL
San __ Obispo, CA LUIS
Scandinavian toast SKOAL
Scrooge’s partner JACOBMARLEY
Shes in leas EWES
Show to a seat, informally USH
Singer Simon CARLY
Small step ATOB
Snicker sound TEHEE
Some sandwiches’ surroundings RYE
Sooty spot FLUE
Sound boosters AMPS
Sounds from stethoscopes BEATS
Sports docs’ tests MRIS
Starter like equi- ISO
Sticks on snow SKIS
Superman story regular LOISLANE
Symbol of wisdom OWL
Temporary money SCRIP
The Bruins’ sch UCLA
The Warners, for short BROS
Timex competitor CASIO
Toll road PIKE
Turns green, perhaps DYES
TV promo promise ALLNEW
Unpleasant atmosphere MIASMA
Up to the task ABLE
Venerate ADORE
Verizon’s ISP AOL
VHS successor TIVO
Victor at Gettysburg MEADE
Went wrong ERRED
What’s left REST
Wide-head fasteners TNUTS
Wine’s bouquet NOSE
With great ardor MADLY
Withdraw gradually WEAN
WWW addresses URLS
Zinc __ ointment OXIDE