LA Times Crossword 3 Feb 19, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 3 Feb 19, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 3 Feb 19, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Baroque music family name BACH
5 Busy months for CPAs APRILS
11 Lays into ASSAILS
18 AAA part: Abbr. ASSOC
20 Head huggers BEANIES
22 Obeyed a triangular sign YIELDED
23 Mountain dew source STILL
24 Reaches via plane LANDS AT
25 Salad greens ENDIVES
26 Royal title HIS MAJESTY THE KING (giving “king bed”)
29 Toyland notables BABES
30 Poet’s palindrome ERE
31 Common Market letters EEC
32 “__ shall live your epitaph to make”: Shak. OR I
33 One-time filler … AT A …
34 First-ranked competitor TOP SEED
38 Polyester fabric DACRON
40 First hit, perhaps DEBUT SINGLE (giving “single bed”)
44 Org. concerned with brownfields EPA
45 Class with angles TRIG
47 Step down RESIGN
49 Longfellow’s bell town ATRI
50 Eye care brand RENU
52 Pampering spot SPA
54 Was in front LED
55 Painful sequence OWS
58 Suffix with ball -OON
59 Fred or George Weasley IDENTICAL TWIN (giving “twin bed”)
63 Brush fire op EVAC
64 NBA scoring stat PPG
65 Corn holders COBS
66 Minimally adjusts TWEAKS
70 Aden Young’s “Rectify” role DANIEL
72 It’s fixed by a bank CD RATE
75 Milk sources DAIRIES
76 Tabloid material SLEAZE
77 Lord in a Christmas song, e.g. LEAPER
78 Busy, as decor ORNATE
79 Casual Friday surprise SUIT
80 Pack animal ASS
81 Parasite in the dust MITE
83 Kids’ summer fun spot SLEEPAWAY CAMP (giving “camp bed”)
88 Bit of broth SIP
89 Do some carpentry SAW
90 Symbolic uncle SAM
93 Maple-syrup-to-be SAP
94 Words with bow or scarf TIE A …
95 Winter glider SLED
97 Amphibious assault troop carrier AMTRAC
100 __ bar TIKI
103 Flow blocker DAM
104 War hero/actor who played himself in “To Hell and Back” AUDIE MURPHY (giving “Murphy bed”)
107 Menu listing OPTION
109 Belgian diamond center ANTWERP
111 The Mustangs of Dallas coll. football SMU
112 When doubled, a hip-hop dance NAE
113 Friend of Pooh ROO
115 Kinda-sorta cousin -ISH
116 Dark side Darth VADER
118 Item on the housekeeping checklist, or a hint to completing five puzzle answers TURN DOWN THE BED
124 Steep slopes ESCARPS
126 Gather dust LIE IDLE
127 Give one’s address, maybe ORATE
128 Spot-on SO RIGHT
129 Took the deal SETTLED
130 Western Wyoming county TETON
131 Sign of alertness OPEN EYE
132 Hard rain metaphor SHEETS
133 Email folder SENT


Number Clues Answers
1 Big do BASH
2 Spumante source ASTI
3 Forensic detectives, briefly CSIS
4 “A Study in Scarlet” detective HOLMES
5 Competent ABLE
6 Porridge veggies, old-style PEASE
7 Went off on Twitter RANTED
8 Racing series including the “500” INDY CAR
9 Agenda, e.g. LIST
10 Upright swimmer SEAHORSE
11 Floor support? AYE
12 Mythical voyager SINBAD
13 Composed SEDATE
14 “Arabian Nights” character ALI BABA
15 Contraction with two apostrophes I’D’VE
16 Denim purchase LEES
17 ’60s antiwar gp. SDS
19 Red wine choice CLARET
21 With 67-Down, controversial MLB period STEROID
27 Heckler’s input JEER
34 Garr on screen TERI
35 Slanted column OP-ED
36 It’s usually easy to see through PANE
37 DJ’s collection DISCS
39 Cartoon frame CEL
41 Perfect spot UTOPIA
42 Saint-__: Riviera resort TROPEZ
46 Transcript no. GPA
48 Besides Jan., only month with two federal holidays NOV
51 Open, in a way UNCAP
53 Union setting ALTAR
56 Rolls into a ball WADS UP
57 Gorsuch predecessor SCALIA
60 Pole emblems TOTEMS
61 Two-nation peninsula IBERIA
63 Shapely leader? ESS
67 See 21-Down ERA
68 Specks in a river AITS
69 Topples (over) KEELS
71 Packaging abbr. NET WT
72 Minor league baseball level CLASS A
73 “The Untouchables” studio (1959-’63) DESILU
74 Croaked RASPED
75 John in court DOE
79 Photo tint SEPIA
82 Defunct carrier TWA
84 Opposite of fast EAT
85 Hill staffer AIDE
86 Senior __ YEAR
90 Seat of the Bishop of London ST PAUL’S
91 Vital vessels ARTERIES
92 Juin preceder MAI
96 Contempt DISDAIN
98 Peak in France MONT
99 Propellant developed to replace gunpowder CORDITE
101 Do some craftwork KNIT
102 Sweater’s comment IT’S HOT
105 Come out EMERGE
108 Pool toy NOODLE
110 Start of the fire? WHERE’S …
114 Big-eyed baby OWLET
116 Brandy bottle letters VSOP
117 Crop unit ACRE
119 The Hague’s home: Abbr. NETH
120 Beatty and Kelly NEDS
121 Restrain BATE
122 Thames campus ETON
123 Wreck reminder DENT
124 That, in Tijuana ESO
125 Abbr. on some business cards STE