LA Times Crossword 23 Sep 18, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 23 Sep 18, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Abacus unit BEAD
5 Brother of Lucrezia Borgia CESARE
11 Lipstick shade RUBY
15 Insignificant MERE
19 Drivetrain component AXLE
20 Rhododendron variety AZALEA
21 Sport with masks EPEE
22 “Cake Boss” competitor, at times ICER
23 Usually retrospective assessment BAD DECISION
25 Cop (to), as a lesser charge PLEAD DOWN
27 Service that manages network messages EMAIL HOST
28 Ingenuous one NAIF
29 Kemper who plays Kimmy Schmidt ELLIE
30 Feed a line CUE
31 “About time!” AT LAST!
34 Grabs with a toothpick SPEARS
35 Brazen crime time BROAD DAYLIGHT
40 Palate-cleansing serving SHERBET
41 Way to go ROUTE
42 Winds into rings COILS
43 Common scale extreme TEN
44 Cathedral section APSE
45 Shade of pink CORAL
46 It’s often designed to rise BREAD DOUGH
53 Pull in NET
54 Zebra mom MARE
55 Sound quality? SANITY
57 First Nations tribe CREE
58 Cash or credit, e.g. NOUN
59 California county or its seat NAPA
60 Pub orders STEINS
62 Kilt features PLEATS
65 South Beach, say FAD DIET
68 Ribs TEASES
69 It isn’t negotiable SET FEE
70 “That’s not true!” LIAR!
71 Go over SPAN
72 Barcelona-born muralist SERT
73 Lightly washed RINSED
75 Comedy club sound ROAR
76 Old school dance HOP
79 Tire measurement that can be checked by the “penny test” TREAD DEPTH
82 “I Hated, Hated, Hated This Movie” author EBERT
84 “Arbitrage” actor GERE
85 Apples run on it IOS
86 Bush, for one PLANT
87 Where van Gogh painted “Sunflowers” ARLES
88 Letter writing, sadly LOST ART
92 Place to buy a train ticket RAILROAD DEPOT
95 Fifth-century conqueror ATTILA
96 Washington airport SEA-TAC
97 Sushi bar offering ROE
98 Put away for later STORE
99 Unveiling shout TA-DA!
100 Showbiz honors OSCAR NODS
106 Buffet stack item SALAD DISH
108 Combine … and a hint to what’s hidden in eight long answers ADD TOGETHER
110 Had to fork over OWED
111 Letters before a viewpoint IMHO
112 Lowlife, slangily CREEPO
113 Actress Watson EMMA
114 Pollster’s enc. SASE
115 Ravioli filling MEAT
116 “Hear me out” LISTEN
117 Resale caveat AS IS


Number Clues Answers
1 Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You __” BABE
2 Class struggle? EXAM
3 “Same Time, Next Year” actor ALDA
4 Inscribe personally DEDICATE
5 Hidden CACHED
6 Basso Pinza EZIO
7 Fresh words SASS
8 Carrier with a hub in Fiumicino ALITALIA
9 1906 Runabout, e.g. REO
10 Suffix with Jacob -EAN
11 Meal REPAST
12 Illuminated indirectly UPLIT
13 Complaint BEEF
14 Word of support YEA
15 “The Rose” singer MIDLER
16 Big name in food safety ECOLAB
17 Do some electrical updating REWIRE
18 Gallo family brother ERNEST
24 Lose, as a tail ELUDE
26 Be contingent (on) DEPEND
28 “Doubt it” NAH
32 Cultivates TILLS
33 Some HDTVs LGS
34 Place for a rototiller SHED
35 Fiber source BRAN
36 Boxing ring boundary ROPE
37 Kick out OUST
38 Nut with a hat ACORN
39 Time long past YORE
40 Stick it out STAY
45 Protest principle CAUSE
46 __ B’rith B’NAI
47 Smelly RIPE
48 Nouveau-Mexique, par exemple ETAT
49 Vast expanse OCEAN
50 “Topaz” novelist URIS
51 Code carrier GENE
52 Company with toy trucks HESS
54 Sunbeam floater MOTE
56 Watts at a keyboard ANDRE
58 1990s trade acronym NAFTA
60 Annual parade VIP ST PAT
61 Sign of remorse TEAR
62 Subtle summons PSST!
63 Look the wrong way? LEER
64 Raison d’__ ETRE
65 Wig out FLIP
66 “It __ Necessarily So”: Gershwin song AIN’T
67 Smidgen DASH
71 More or less, informally SORTA
73 Interval of inactivity REST
74 “Don’t You Know?” singer Reese DELLA
75 City near the California-Nevada border RENO
76 Pitch in HELP
77 Cookie with a Thins Bites variety OREO
78 Bug or brat PEST
80 Increased in intensity, with “up” DIALED
81 Kid-vid explorer DORA
83 Lines at the grocery BARCODES
84 Beverage with antioxidants GREEN TEA
86 Sizable hole PIT
87 Really fancy ADORE
88 Catchers on the range LASSOS
89 North American capital, or its river OTTAWA
90 Some wraps STOLES
91 Vehement speech TIRADE
92 Sizzling RED HOT
93 Battery choice AAA
94 Jackie Paper’s imaginary friend is one DRAGON
96 Recent White House daughter SASHA
99 Smartphone display TIME
101 Newsroom cancellation STET
102 Roll with the punches COPE
103 Electrical units OHMS
104 Patrick’s “Ghost” co-star DEMI
105 Ladies of Sp. SRAS
107 Barely lit DIM
108 Knee injury initials ACL
109 Nike’s __-FIT fabric DRI