LA Times Crossword 16 Dec 18, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 16 Dec 18, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 16 Dec 18, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Pole, e.g. SLAV
5 Old toon feline with an alley gang TOP CAT
11 Pro Football Hall of Fame state OHIO
15 Moonwalker Shepard ALAN
19 Pad starter HELI-
20 Stir up AROUSE
21 Early sci-fi captain NEMO
22 Travels randomly GADS
27 Muss up, as hair TOUSLE
28 Soup kitchen service FREE MEAL
30 Leave slack-jawed STUN
32 Shrub with a purple fruit SLOE
34 Lab dish eponym PETRI
38 Workout aftermath, often SORENESS
42 Grizzled seafarers OLD SALTS
47 Harmless cyst WEN
48 Eastern path TAO
51 You take them at your own risk TIPS
52 Kwik-E-Mart owner APU
53 Belief system CREDO
54 Bar assn. member ATTY
55 “Strange __ may seem … ” AS IT
56 Impediment RUB
57 Sugar portions CUBES
58 Bookstore adjuncts CAFES
60 Inscription on a spine TITLE
61 Tickled pink PLEASED
63 Tijuana toast SALUD!
64 Nursery rhyme girl BO PEEP
65 “Snowy” sight in Florida EGRET
66 Edible pockets PITAS
67 Carried on WAGED
68 Starts over REDOES
70 Fixed looks GAZES
71 Vague discomfort MALAISE
73 They aren’t pros ANTIS
74 More fetching CUTER
75 Some court pleas, for short NOLOS
76 Forbes rival INC
78 Hindu titles of respect SRIS
79 Party or movie ending -GOER
80 City on the Ruhr ESSEN
81 Weekly talk with a msg. SER
82 “Mad Men” actor Jon HAMM
87 La-la lead-in TRA-
88 Clothing dept. size LGE
89 Like many an injured arm IN A SLING
90 Fail big-time LAY AN EGG
92 Simple type of question YES-NO
94 La., once TERR
96 Less than hardly NARY
97 Like much FM radio IN STEREO
102 Keats and Shelley ODISTS
114 Aviation-related prefix AERO-
115 Troll’s cousin OGRE
116 No longer fastened UNDONE
117 Region AREA
118 Like positive outlooks ROSY
119 Heckles BOOS
120 Tennis wear SKORTS
121 Oz. and lb. QTYS


Number Clues Answers
1 Hospital reminder, perhaps SHH!
2 Protected side LEE
3 In the way of A LA
4 Patience, they say VIRTUE
5 House of Dana fragrance TABU
6 Rink star and a “Catch-22” pilot ORRS
7 Backyard party centerpiece POOL
8 Pickled veggies CUKES
9 Enzyme suffix -ASE
10 Like an increase from six to sixty TENFOLD
11 At some former time ONCE
12 “__ we go” HERE
13 Mosque leader IMAM
14 Move like molasses OOZE
15 Deft AGILE
16 Bloke LAD
17 Soothing suffix for a hot day -ADE
18 Code-breaking org. NSA
24 Metric weight TONNE
26 Sounds at pounds YAPS
29 Hawthorne cover image RED A
30 Get all sudsy SOAP UP
33 El Pollo __: southwestern restaurant chain LOCO
36 Stack again RE-PILE
37 Boot part INSTEP
38 Take the main part STAR
39 They may be lame EXCUSES
40 Between-courses serving SORBET
41 Silver, for one STEED
43 Goof-ups SNAFUS
44 Made a scene? ACTED
45 “Why don’t we?” LET’S
46 Crack TRY
50 Some entrance requirements IDS
51 Asian island capital TAIPEI
57 Gives a hoot CARES
58 Do wedding work CATER
59 Word said with a sigh ALAS
60 Senate wear TOGAS
62 Conceit EGOISM
63 Concern for a tailor SIZE
64 “Horsefeathers!” BALONEY!
66 Security guard’s duty PATROL
67 Solidarity leader Lech WALESA
68 Without thinking RASHLY
69 Cause to turn red, maybe ENRAGE
70 Stab GUESS
71 Iraqi city on the Tigris MOSUL
72 “E” in a classic equation ENERGY
74 Extended time out? COMA
75 Abbr. on a bounced check NSF
77 Rocky outcropping CRAG
79 Collins ingredient GIN
80 Software pro, in want ads ENGR
84 Name in a footnote CITE
85 A trusted friend ONE OF US
86 “Inferno” poet DANTE
89 New Rochelle college IONA
91 Tech-heavy exchange NASDAQ
93 “In Search of…” host NIMOY
95 Lively movement RONDO
98 Pretentious sort SNOB
99 Like drive-thru orders TO GO
100 Mark’s replacement EURO
101 Fwys., e.g. RTES
103 Couture giant DIOR
104 “It __ my fault” ISN’T
105 Hens and heifers SHES
106 Galley need OAR
107 __ volente DEO
108 Hosp. personnel DRS
110 Press agent’s goal INK
111 Scrap for Rover ORT
112 “30 Rock” creator FEY
113 B-flats in an F major scale FAS