LA Times Crossword 14 Mar 21, Sunday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 14 Mar 21, Sunday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 14 Mar 21, Sunday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Yellow smoothie fruit PAPAYA
7 Chick’s sound PEEP
11 Turin-based automaker FIAT
15 One going through an eyelet LACE
19 Anthology compiler EDITOR
20 Loud sound ROAR
21 For the most part IN GENERAL
23 Squeal on RAT OUT
24 Shrimp dish ordered online? INTERNET SCAMPI (from “Internet scam”)
26 Equestrian action PRANCING
28 Sticks in a parlor CUES
29 Gulf of California state SONORA
30 Simile words AS A
31 Divert SHUNT
33 Mumbai apparel SARIS
34 Not someone you’d want in the cockpit? VACANT PILOT (from “vacant lot”)
39 NYSE events IPOS
43 Effect, as a law ENACT
44 In its current condition AS IS
45 Candidate’s concern after the latest poll? OPINION DIP (from “onion dip”)
51 Lows NADIRS
53 Complete UTTER
55 French region associated with an eggy dish LORRAINE
56 Decorates tees TIE-DYES
58 Hurl insults (at) SNIPE
60 Ricoh rival NIKON
61 Retired jet SST
62 Fertile LUSH
65 Hit with a water balloon, say DOUSE
67 Restaurant kitchen array OVENS
68 Hook during a typically slow period? OFF-SEASON PIRATE (from “off-season rate”)
72 Russian milk drink KEFIR
75 Driver’s target SCREW
76 Punctilious to the extreme ANAL
77 Shakespearean “Shake a leg!” HIE!
80 Online exchange E-SALE
81 Carouse REVEL
83 Temporary stay SOJOURN
86 Toledo is on it LAKE ERIE
89 Ukase EDICT
92 Defensive castle feature TURRET
93 Physician for longshoremen? PIER DOCTOR (from “ER doctor”)
95 National symbol FLAG
97 See 96-Down … ME ONE
98 Bawl WEEP
99 No-brainer card game? STUPID POKER (from “stud poker”)
101 Soft drink options SODAS
106 Humiliate ABASE
108 Discernment meas., in meteorology VIS
109 Tolerates ABIDES
111 Fish tank buildup SCUM
112 Optimal BEST-CASE
117 Like most clouds, compared to cirrus clouds? NONE THE WISPIER (from “none the wiser”)
121 Carried with effort HAULED
122 Doesn’t give up KEEPS AT IT
123 Prayer wheel spinner LAMA
124 Missing the mark ERRING
125 CEO’s helper ASST
126 Like venison GAMY
127 “The Killing” actress Mireille __ ENOS
128 Exclusive date STEADY


Number Clues Answers
1 One in cuffs, maybe PERP
2 Month after Shevat ADAR
3 Filled food truck buy PITA
4 Very much A TON
5 “Take a shot at it” YOU CAN TRY
6 Con __ ARTIST
7 Puritan PRIG
8 Very long time EON
9 Celebrate an anniversary, say, with “out” EAT …
10 Like veggies in platters PRECUT
11 Marker choice FINE-TIP
12 Supermodel Sastre INES
13 FBI figure AGT
14 Hardy title teenager TESS
15 CNN medical analyst Wen LEANA
16 Protective suit ARMOR
17 Blue Grotto isle CAPRI
18 Sewing machine inventor Howe ELIAS
22 Army sgts., e.g. NCOS
25 Flee RUN
27 Valley known for viticulture NAPA
31 Small opening SLIT
32 Talk show VIPs HOSTS
34 HVAC system openings VENTS
35 Nin of literature ANAIS
36 Officer trainee CADET
37 Etching supply ACID
38 Terre Haute sch. ISU
40 Enters en masse PILES IN
41 Tokyo-born peace activist ONO
42 Newton honorific SIR
45 Betelgeuse’s constellation ORION
46 Negative afterthought … OR NOT
47 Unworldly NAIVE
48 Water container? DIKE
49 Aware of IN ON
50 Bank conveniences PENS
52 Word with interest SELF-
54 Gave money for ENDOWED
57 Figure (out) SUSS
59 Part of a moth’s life cycle PUPA
64 March __ HARE
66 Significant times ERAS
68 NFL Titan, when in Houston OILER
69 Let go FREED
70 Break, as ties SEVER
71 Very much A LOT
72 Growth in a wet forest KELP
73 Actor Morales ESAI
74 Expert’s discovery FAKE
77 Impresario Sol HUROK
78 Goddess of peace IRENE
79 Shift key neighbor ENTER
82 Elevates LIFTS
84 Give fresh energy to JUMP-START
85 Nabisco brand OREO
87 Noisy disturbance ROW
88 Bar supply ICE
90 Game that might end in a library CLUE
91 Dance genre TAP
94 Murkiness OPACITY
96 With 97-Across, words before “good reason” GIVE …
99 Free thing to try SAMPLE
100 Something done after a meal DISHES
101 Pioneering decaf brand SANKA
102 Orchestral pair, at a minimum OBOES
103 Enjoys an elegant meal DINES
104 Skillful ADEPT
105 Drill bit purchases SETS
107 __ stop BUS
110 Chase, as flies SHAG
111 Exercise activity SWIM
112 Bali products BRAS
113 Medical breakthrough CURE
114 Et __: and others ALIA
115 Transmit SEND
116 Avant-garde EDGY
118 Touchdown hr. calculation ETA
119 Holm of “The Hobbit” IAN
120 Punk subgenre EMO