LA Times Crossword 14 Jun 20, Sunday

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Number Clues Answers
1 Brings from novel to screen ADAPTS
7 Like some captioning CLOSED
13 Energy bill letters KWH
16 See 117-Across … RUG
19 Victim of Perseus MEDUSA
20 MLB call-up, often ROOKIE
21 “With any luck” I HOPE SO
23 Fault a rearrangement of infielders? BLAME THE SHIFT (from “shift the blame”)
25 “Mean Girls” writer and co-star TINA FEY
26 McCann of country LILA
27 Sahara respites OASES
28 Mixer knob FADER
30 Michael who played Juno’s love interest in “Juno” CERA
31 Priest who reared Samuel ELI
32 Swear CUSS
33 Like the Sisters in “Macbeth” WEIRD
34 “__ cryin’ out loud!” FER
35 Gives surf ratings? RANKS THE SWELLS (from “swells the ranks”)
39 Way to one’s heart? ARTERY
42 “Lucas” co-star SHEEN
43 Former Arthur Ashe Stadium neighbor SHEA
44 Ready, as a range PREHEAT
45 Uber alternative LYFT
48 Collection of maps ATLAS
51 Withdrew RECEDED
52 Have trouble with Sisyphus? LISP
55 Arranges for party chefs? BOOK THE COOKS (from “cooks the books”)
58 Friend of Genie in “Aladdin” ABU
59 Dobrev of “The Vampire Diaries” NINA
60 Chaos HAVOC
61 “__ in!” LET ME
65 Celtics star Walker KEMBA
67 Crafty site? ETSY
70 Vision starter TELE-
71 Lucy’s sitcom pal ETHEL
72 Henry James, for much of his life EXPAT
73 Inside job DECOR
75 Big ref. volumes OEDS
77 Link letters URL
78 Masters yoga? RULES THE BENDS (from “bends the rules”)
82 Cruising ASEA
83 Freud’s homeland AUSTRIA
86 __ cords VOCAL
87 Brutal act of Brutus STAB
89 Equal share, maybe ONE HALF
90 Cupid counterpart EROS
92 “The __ Kid”: 1950s TV Western CISCO
96 In need of companionship LONELY
97 Ask, “You sure this is diet?”? QUESTION THE POP (from “pop the question”)
102 Some H.S. classes APS


Number Clues Answers
1 Unhurried bunch AMBLERS
2 Biblical betrayer DELILAH
3 2015 romantic fantasy role for Blake Lively ADALINE
4 Yellowstone predator PUMA
5 “Old Possum” monogram TSE
6 Took a pass SAT OUT
7 Pungent greens CRESSES
8 Give the slip to LOSE
9 Impressed crowd sounds OOHS
10 Emulate Olympians Miller and Vonn SKI
11 Statue of Liberty architect EIFFEL
12 Fine point DETAIL
13 Passed, as bad checks KITED
14 Machinery noise WHIR
15 Boo HON
16 Called the game REFEREED
17 App buyer USER
18 “Creations from la cocina” brand GOYA
22 What a nervous director may do? PACE THE SET (from “set the pace”)
24 __ browns HASH
29 Many profs. DRS
32 “Woodstock” quartet, initially CSNY
33 Plentiful supply WEALTH
34 Rashida Jones facial feature FRECKLES
36 Iodine source KELP
37 Source of many dramatic quotes: Abbr. SHAK
38 Licks WETS
39 Mars: Pref. AREO-
40 Issa of “Insecure” RAE
41 Since Jan. 1, to CPAs YTD
44 Take from a sale PROCEEDS
46 “Criminal Minds” org. FBI
47 Tin-eared TONE-DEAF
49 At the drop of __ A HAT
50 Golfer Ballesteros SEVE
52 Canoeing venue LAKE
53 Curly-horned goat IBEX
54 Cesspool SUMP
56 Author with three 5-letter names OATES
57 Dash alternative, perhaps COLON
59 Seven and eleven, in craps NATURALS
62 Like so THUS
63 Simply MERE
64 First name in jazz ELLA
66 Block an access road between hills? BAR THE PASS (from “pass the bar”)
68 “SNL”-like show that spawned many comedic careers SCTV
69 Start of a pirate chant YO-HO-
74 Intermission RECESS
76 Once-a-yr. reason for oversleeping? DST
79 __ pad LILY
80 Bane of Sideshow Bob BART
81 Wells’ fruit eaters ELOI
82 Rose’s Broadway beau ABIE
83 Verizon subsidiary AOL
84 Game with Skip cards UNO
85 Lawmaking century SENATORS
88 Frankfurter’s exclamations ACHS
91 Beethoven’s 32 for piano SONATAS
93 Spare no expense SPLURGE
94 Strong-armed COERCED
95 Some operate remotely OPENERS
97 Montreal’s prov. QUE
98 Lets loose UNTIES
99 Patronizes, as a diner EATS AT
100 Snack NOSH
101 Suit fabrics TWEEDS
103 Honorific for Macbeth THANE
106 Bygone recording medium TAPE
107 One way to start ANEW
108 Dough in Tehran RIAL
109 A step down from “Funny!” CUTE!
110 Setting of many a “Far Side” comic HELL
111 __-tired BONE
113 Karaoke aid MIC
115 Leeds-to-London dir. SSE
116 “__ chance!” FAT