LA Times Crossword 11 Jun 21, Friday

Daily solution for the LA Times Crossword 11 Jun 21, Friday. The LA Times Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you will find all the answers for the LA Times Crossword 11 Jun 21, Friday divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Davis with two Oscars BETTE
6 Also says ADDS
10 Say UTTER
15 Warranty holders USERS
16 Word with life or world REAL …
17 Indication of further installments PART I
18 Monarch known for her sketches? MARY, QUEEN OF SKITS (from “Mary, Queen of Scots”)
21 Gridiron strategy PUNT
22 It’s often filled with things for which it was not intended GARAGE
23 It has no cutting edge EPEE
24 Prince in both parts of “Henry IV” HAL
26 MGM rival RKO
28 Lessons in sympathy? PITY TRAINING (from “potty training”)
34 Ownership query word WHOSE?
36 Precipitous RASH
37 Substantial MEATY
40 Sitter’s bane IMP
41 Starter at some tables ANTE
42 __ culpa MEA
43 Ascend GO UP
45 Egyptian talisman SCARAB
47 Bill BEAK
48 “If you hate my work, make your own sweater!”? LIKE IT OR KNIT (from “like it or not”)
51 Zodiac symbol SCALES
53 Military bands SASHES
56 Judge with a bat AARON
57 Related groups SETS
61 Start a round TEE UP
62 Like “Ode on an Eaten Apple”? WRITTEN TO THE CORE (from “rotten to the core”)
65 Woodworking tool ADZE
66 One working on the house ROOFER
67 Cyclo- suffix -TRON
68 Having multiple leaders TIED
69 “Phooey!” AW NUTS!
70 Part of DOS: Abbr. SYST


Number Clues Answers
1 Sign suggesting slowing BUMP
2 Biblical twin ESAU
3 Seagull kin TERN
4 “Taste it” TRY THIS
5 Legal honorific: Abbr. ESQ
6 Space AREA
7 Woodland grazers DEER
8 Fox’s partner on “The X-Files” DANA
9 Tough go SLOG
10 DHL alternative UPS
11 “Taste it” TAKE ONE
12 Activate, as a switch TRIP
13 Rock ending, in dance -ETTE
14 Shine partner RISE
19 Way some situations turn UGLY
20 Seedless plant FERN
25 Wasted, as profits ATE
27 Kipling title hero KIM
28 Make big, in a way POPULARIZE
29 “Last Call” singer Braxton TRACI
30 Charged RAN AT
31 Minute Maid Park athlete ASTRO
32 “They say … ” I HEAR …
33 Study applicable to many sciences GAME THEORY
34 Freak (out) WIG
35 Med. care provider HMO
38 Bubble __ TEA
39 Babble YAK
44 Took the lead PILOTED
45 French “his” SES
46 Lib. contents BKS
47 Divides equally BISECTS
49 Daily Planet reporter KENT
50 Silver with stats NATE
51 Noticed attending SAW AT
52 Rap’s __ B CARDI
54 Roman bills EUROS
55 Used up SPENT
57 TV screen spots SNOW
58 Prestigious English school ETON
59 Vegan staple TOFU
60 [Ignore that dele] [STET]
63 Distinctive period ERA
64 PO door posting HRS