Irish Times Simplex – Sep 19 2019

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Clues Answers
Broken, done for KAPUT
Colouring substance DYE
Dependable, honest RELIABLE
Dock worker STEVEDORE
Domestic animal COW
Exchange goods and services TRADE
Fatuous, silly INANE
Go away, leave DEPART
Graphite writer PENCIL
Imaginary line parallel to the equator LATITUDE
Informal or cursory CASUAL
Made clear and visible REVEALED
Makes a stab at ATTEMPTS
Margin allowing room for manoeuvre LEEWAY
Mental or emotional strain STRESS
Move smoothly and effortlessly GLIDE
Notorious Nazi concentration camp AUSCHWITZ
Obtain by coercion or intimidation EXTORT
One’s own signature AUTOGRAPH
Pastry crust with filling PIE
Paul Stirling or William Porterfield, say CRICKETER
Portable shelters TENTS
Pronounce not guilty ACQUIT
Protect or conceal SHIELD
Relaxation following distress RELIEF
Seizing control without authority USURPING
Soil or planet EARTH
Sordid, squalid SLEAZY
Spanish dish of rice, saffron etc. PAELLA
Trace of colour TINGE
Types of supports for tabletops TRESTLES
Without curve or bend STRAIGHT
Word of greeting HELLO
Yoko …, wife of John Lennon ONO