Irish Times Crosaire – Mar 20 2021

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Clues Answers
A French conservative youth losing the head is described as being a bit rough UNCOUTH
A modest petition to get the better of Homer finally getting to finish line from Odyssey HUMBLEREQUEST
Capital of UK abandoned in part going all the way back BAKU
Change from time to time limits valance bond theory VARY
Deferential gentleman’s gentleman describes Sancho Panza to Don Quixote, for instance HUMBLESERVANT
Douglas leaves shoulder bag for Rosemary HERB
Elm bush all over the place on all borders today HUMBLES
Father consuming fishy soup acts like a jack-in-the-box POPSUP
Fourth gear in Polo coming up from lowest deck on ship ORLOP
Fragment of YouTube diatribe typical of one of those in The Plot BED
In a roundabout way, it’s not down to writing fiction at university or in the surrounding area PURLIEU
Is responsible for The Inferno perhaps? Member of the clergy is scratching the head! ARSON
Learnt from chain letters this is a study of moral philosophy ETHICS
Little bit of blow for a walk in the park BREEZE
Local criticism of bank rate rising BEEF
Made to read novel about leaders of Northern Europe EARNED
Middlemen consumed by awful vanity and a lack of experience NAIVETY
Most of the objective in test result can be explosive GRENADE
Nice new canopy at the centre providing light and energy for precious type NOUVEAU
Paste from Budapest found in swords? DUB
Place in Dublin the Irish love? On reflection, it forms a pattern! ARGYLE
Put to shame by view as I see it – you might disagree HUMBLEOPINION
Recalls ship agency run for the most part by Trump? SURPASS
Relation gets a final letter that’s cryptic UNCLEAR
Scowl from volunteer missing event LOUR
Seek redress for reports coming out of superstore SUE
Short logo produced by one helping the internal movement of food BRAN
Showing off to Trim macho joining a party BRAVADO
Some upsetting menace profiting from type of nut PECAN
The peak in Europe for those within Central Powers ALP
Thorn found in banks of balsam herb BARB
Tips for engineering massive pier at sea in The Kingdom EMPIRE
Top priority for organisation on dig in Indian state PUNJAB
Verbal row at dance leads to one being hit with a stick CUEBALL
Welfare payment covers a fair amount of grub and a large amount of drink DOUBLE
With respect, I’m really, really sorry that’s all you have to offer modestly in your defence if guilty HUMBLEAPOLOGY
Word of protest over ring fight BOUT
Work chore for shady type OCHRE