Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 11/23/18 Sports Fan Friday

Daily solution for the Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers – 11/23/18 Sports Fan Friday. The Daily Celebrity Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
7 Common port on a PC: Abbr. USB
10 ___ with caution Use
11 Sinner’s self-punishment Penance
13 Cy Young-winning Nationals pitcher who has recorded two immaculate innings (three strikeouts on nine total pitches): 2 wds. Max Scherzer
15 I’m ___ Sexy (1992 hit song) Too
16 Where raw minerals are harvested Mine
17 The ___ Four (Beatles nickname) Fab
20 Leave slack-jawed Stun
23 Cat living in a person’s home for example Pet
24 Furniture chain with the slogan Make room for life Ikea
26 Fleeting trend Fad
28 Hall of Fame Astros/Diamondbacks pitcher who recorded two immaculate innings in his career: 2 wds. Randy Johnson
34 Hemingway’s The Old Man and the ___ Sea
35 Ambience Aura
36 Remove as tree branches Lop
39 Ice cubes’ mold Tray
42 Risk money on a game Bet
43 Apple desktop machine iMac
45 Dairy farm sound Moo
47 Hall of Fame Dodgers pitcher who recorded three immaculate innings in his career: 2 wds. Sandy Koufax
52 Gradually incorporate: 2 wds. Phase In
53 Mostly outdated way to transmit a document Fax
54 Lay Me Down singer Smith Sam
55 Pester constantly Nag
56 Jazz band instrument for short Sax
1 Mooch in slang Bum
2 2018 Olympic gold medal winners in women’s ice hockey: Abbr. USA
3 Afterward Next
4 Disney park where Spaceship Earth is Epcot


Number Clues Answers
5 That hardly excites me Meh
6 An hour after noon One
7 Open as a ski jacket Unzip
8 Public tantrum Scene
9 Soft cap for an artist Beret
12 Slot machine lever Arm
14 Distress call from a boat Sos
17 Tree with cones and needles Fir
18 Letters before an assumed name Aka
19 Ross’s son on Friends Ben
21 Purported sighting in Area 51: Abbr. UFO
2 Nope sorry Nah
25 What some Madison Avenue agencies create Ads
27 It’s in my ___ (It’s part of who I am) DNA
29 Until this time Yet
30 Glass container for preserves Jar
31 Ship with a periscope for short Sub
32 ___-Ida (Tater Tots brand) Ore
33 ___ King Cole (Unforgettable singer) Nat
36 Has trouble pronouncing s Lisps
37 Nebraska city that’s associated with steaks Omaha
38 US airline that went bankrupt in 1991: 2 wds. Panam
40 In a group of Among
41 As ___ wish You
44 Music purchases that aren’t downloaded: Abbr. CDS
46 Write-___ (tax deductions) Offs
48 Osaka currency Yen
49 Sorento automaker Kia
50 Drivers’ group that sometimes gets hotel discounts: Abbr. AAA
51 Symbols for kisses XXX